Update on Baby #2

Update on Baby #2
Just like with our first We are waiting to find out the sex until it is born. We are now solidly into this pregnancy (25 weeks on Saturday) and I think I can confidently say it has been quite similar to the first, which has convinced some people I know to say it will be another girl. I will just be happy as long as it is healthy. We have both boy and girl names picked out, but those will have to remain secret for the moment.
Food Cravings are...managed When I was pregnant with Buttons, I gained almost 40 lbs. This round, my starting weight was lower by about 7 lbs, and I would like that work not to disappear as a part of being pregnant again. To be sure, I gave into any and all cravings the first pregnancy. Call Santa Claus, because I ate cookies and milk EVERY evening. This time, I have been more cautious about my habits. I've still eaten my share of chocolate chip cookies, girl scout cookies, and yesterday a Nothing Bundt Cake bundtlette. Instead of giving int…

Comparing Pregnancies

It's easy enough to compare yourself to other people (but please don't). It is even easier to compare yourself to...yourself. Part of the purpose of us beginning this blog was to record moments, memories, and experiences before we forgot them. Pregnancy brain, baby brain, toddler brain...they're all real. Honestly, it's a big part of why we haven't been consistent with posts.
All of that being said, now that I am pregnant again, I can't help but reflect back on my first pregnancy and see how this one has been similar and different. Same with conception (calm down, no steamy details)...I can't help but compare the two experiences. First with Buttons, now with this new little nugget. Let me lead you down a journey of the details I can't help but think about and hope I don't forget once I'm old and my children are grown.

Conception Round 1: With Buttons, we decided to start trying in September 2015. I stopped taking my birth control pills and we pr…

Keeping Score

Sometimes, days go like this: Today, I woke up, took down the Christmas tree, fed Buttons and the dogs breakfast, and assembled Button's step ladder I got for Christmas (so she can help in the kitchen...I'm so excited!)...before my husband got out of bed. I made a late breakfast for us all. Then, Buttons and I played in the snow a good 45 minutes. When we got in, we played for a few minutes and I put her down for her nap. I cleaned house and showered myself during nap. The afternoon went like this: fed Buttons lunch, baked (okay) banana bread, went grocery shopping, baked (terrible) French bread, made (delicious) soup for dinner. Now it's getting late and I'm feeling accomplished and reflecting on my hard work today, while I watch my husband play video games. He played video games much of the day... And I start to get worked up and annoyed.
Since having Buttons, I've had days like this. I feel like things are unfair, and that I work harder than my husband does in …

When Nothing Goes as Planned: Low Supply and Exclusive Pumping

(Mama Roo will be taking the reins on this post because she had a more difficult time with breastfeeding than Mama Seal.)

I knew I wanted to breastfeed exclusively before I even got pregnant. In preparation, I found out as much as I could about what I was getting into. I read blogs, googled questions, and took a breastfeeding class, I joined breastfeeding Facebook groups. Once I started nursing and had several struggles, I paid out of pocket to see a lactation consultant (LC). I watched videos and read blogs. I took supplements and made lactation cookies. I did everything I could, but in the end I was unable to exclusively breastfeed. I’m 7.5 month postpartum and instead of exclusively breastfeeding, I have been exclusively pumping and supplementing with formula for the last 6 months. According to my pumps, I have spent 586 hours attached to a pump since Captain was born. (How insane is that?!) Here’s what I went through, what I tried, and what worked and didn’t work for me.
We …

Car Trips with Baby

(Mama Seal here because she is the car traveling master) We both live far from our families, so it is inevitable that we will need to travel at some point with our babies. I have spent roughly 125 hours on road trips with my baby. Each of these trips was between 2-8 hours in length. It is no easy feat. Of course, the tricks necessary for long car rides are completely different than those needed for plane or train rides. Using our experiences, we would like to share a few of the tools and tips that have kept us sane during stressful trips. This post will focus primarily on car rides, because sometimes it feels like I’ve spent my life driving in the car with my sweet Buttons.
If you’re traveling alone with the baby (bless you), there is one thing I would absolutely do. Grab a bin/basket/bag/tub/what have you to hold things your baby will need during the drive. You can reach back there and grab the paci/binky your baby has thrown, but should you? You know what your child will want and enjo…