Update on Baby #2

Update on Baby #2

Just like with our first

We are waiting to find out the sex until it is born. We are now solidly into this pregnancy (25 weeks on Saturday) and I think I can confidently say it has been quite similar to the first, which has convinced some people I know to say it will be another girl. I will just be happy as long as it is healthy. We have both boy and girl names picked out, but those will have to remain secret for the moment.

Food Cravings are...managed

When I was pregnant with Buttons, I gained almost 40 lbs. This round, my starting weight was lower by about 7 lbs, and I would like that work not to disappear as a part of being pregnant again. To be sure, I gave into any and all cravings the first pregnancy. Call Santa Claus, because I ate cookies and milk EVERY evening. This time, I have been more cautious about my habits. I've still eaten my share of chocolate chip cookies, girl scout cookies, and yesterday a Nothing Bundt Cake bundtlette. Instead of giving into all indulgences though, I give in a couple times a week, and I've been careful to moderate when I do give in. As it stands, if I gain 1 lb/week from now until the end, I will gain right at 25 lbs. Fingers crossed I can maintain my self control as this baby starts packing on the pounds.


Are still right on track from my last update. We are steadily paying off debt and I will have the option to take off work a bit longer after this baby is born. It gives me a lot of peace of mind to know that I have this option. We will actually have all our debt (other than our mortgage) paid off in February of next year. That means that at the end of the next school year (May 2021), we may choose for me to stay home and homeschool these kids. The possibilities really open up for life when you have fewer bills to pay. We have Dave Ramsey's baby steps to thank for this becoming an option for us.

I will post again

when I am in third trimester with another update. Initially, I thought the timing of this pregnancy would be ideal because I will be done with school for a solid month before my due date. As of now, COVID-19/Coronavirus may impact our lives as we draw nearer to our due date. My spring break was just extended to 2 weeks, and I don't know what will come after that. Returning to regular classes? Teaching my students online? Prayers for everyone impacted financially or medically during this time. Time will tell what happens. Hopefully these preventative measures can limit the deaths of our loved parents, grandparents, and immune compromised.

~Mama Seal


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